Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Pio Pico Newsletter - August 2023


August Is the Eighth Month of the Year. August is the last month of summer in the northern half of the world. It is named after the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar. August's birth flower is the poppy.

Welcome to August, Pio Pico District!

Summer is just about over, and the start of the new scouting year will begin with the start of the new school year. I hope everyone has had an amazing time this summer, filled with fun, laughter, and adventures. But summer isn’t over just yet! There is still time to enjoy the last bit of summer adventures with great campouts, hikes or exploring. Speaking of camping, did you know that August is National S’mores Day?  I didn’t. I also never really knew exactly how hot the marshmallow can get. I found that the outside temperature can get to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, while the internal temperature can be 145-160 degrees!  That is very hot. Actually, hotter than I imagined. It’s always a good rule of thumb to go over campfire safety with our Cub Scouts and older Scouts before igniting any fires.

Another great activity while out camping is star gazing. The month of August is known for meteor showers. The Kappa Cygnids takes place this month, along with the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower but one of the best-known showers is the Perseids meteor shower. This takes place between July 17th and August 24th. I hope you get the opportunity to catch the night sky this month.

I hope everyone enjoys the remaining days of summer. If you have any stories you would like to share with the district newsletter, please send them my way! 

Photo by Almanac.com

BSA Recharter 2023

In the last issue, it was mentioned that our District Leaders were holding a Recharter Training. I hope some of you were able to make it out for that. If you could not make it out to the last Roundtable meeting for it do not worry. Our leaders are not too far away to assist you with any questions that you may have.

Here is some information that I found on the council website: Rechartering Information – Greater LA Scouting

Please check the GLACC website for all 2023 new fees.

District Rechartering Contact will be Cameron Summers

Cub Scout Day Camp

Another Cub Scout Adventure Day Camp season is over, and I would like to say to my Dynamic Staff who worked tirelessly all week long to provide all the youth with an incredible camp experience – thank you! This staff gave their best to their jobs as each day brought new challenges and new successes – they were energized, they were exhausted, they were inspiring, they were inspired. They are a terrific group, and I am grateful for each one’s dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

To our youth day campers who showed up every morning open to trying new things and ready to get down and dirty, they are the reason we do what we do – thank you! Because of their days spent at camp, they have acquired an increase in confidence, a deeper connection to scouting, and a greater sense of their own independence.

In one week of Cub Scout Day camp our Tigers, Wolfs, Bears, Webelos and Arrow of Light youth earned a total of 58 activity belt loops, 52 activity pins, 8 aquanauts, 11 Whittling patches and 18 Outdoor Activity Patches. Youth received their awards at the Friday night dinner program.

And to our camp parents who trusted us along the way – thank you! We absolutely could not do this without you. We are grateful that you shared your greatest treasures with us this summer. We appreciate the ways that you supported your children’s growth in Scouting. We care about our camp families, and we are so grateful to count each of you as a part of our larger Scout Family.

Thank you scout families for being an important part of Pio Pico Day Camp. We can’t wait to have you back again next year.

Mary Gaither, Camp Director

Summer fun!

Troop 476 does an annual Deep Sea Fishing Trip to Catalina Island with Open Water Foundation https://www.openwatersfoundation.org/ 

 Here’s a look at their last trip. The Troop was lucky enough to catch 22 Mahi-Mahi El Dorado fish that had followed the warm waters from storms in Baja California up to Catalina Island. The three biggest fish were caught by Scouts, the Scouts usually catch Bonito, Barracuda & Yellow Tail.

The Troop will be going on their next annual trip on Sunday, August 20th. I hope you scouts have a great time out on the ocean!


Thank you, Nelson from Troop 476, for sharing your scouting adventures with us. I hope you and your scouts have a great time out there this year!

 If anyone would like to share their unit adventures, please email me and I will add it to the district newsletter.

Fall Camporee at Prado Regional Park!


Roundtable falls on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Roundtable is now meeting in person, and we want to see you there! 

Tables will be set up with fliers and information to share. 

Remember, Roundtable is for everyone!


 Break-out Sessions: 1-Recharter your unit 2-Recruiting for your unit 3-Scoutbook Basics

Come join us in person!

We meet at 7pm at the First Methodist Church 13222 Bailey St. Whittier, CA 90601.

We hope to see you there!

Recruitment Materials

If you want any of the items below, please email Virginia or Cameron Summers.
Or reach out to Cameron Summers: Cameron.Summers@scouting.org.
There are wristbands, flashlights, stickers, Boys Life minis, and recruitment envelopes. 

Please Contact Virginia Wetzel for more details: varcourt@twc.com 



Popcorn Unit Fundraiser 2023

Key Dates:

July 15, 2023 —Kickoff
July 28, 2023—Show & Sell Order #1 Due
August 17, 2023 — Show & Sell Distribution #1 (subject to change)
September 4, 2023 - Show & Sell Order #2 Due
September 14, 2023 - Show & Sell Distribution #2 (subject to change)
October 2, 2023 – Show & Sell Order #3 Due
October 12, 2023 - Show & Sell Distribution #3 (Subject to change)
October 23, 2023 - Unit Take Orders Due
November 9, 2023 - Take Order Distribution
December 16, 2023 — $1,000 Club Party

For more information, please check the GLAAC website: https://greaterlascouting.org/popcorn/

To register please visit: Unit Registration


 contact: Lucia.Bernal@scouting.orgImelda.Duenas@scouting.org or Gina.Chan@scouting.org


Upcoming Events in Pio Pico


September -Prado Service Project-(details to come)
October 6-8th- Fall Camporee at Prado Regional Park
October 20th -22nd- BooFest at Firestone Scout Reservation
November 2nd Good Scout Dinner (details out soon)
November 18th -Merit Badge Day
November 18th -Cub Scout Adventure Day

H.A.T and Training:

Save the Date:

September 9th- Scouts BSA Position Specific Training (Sponsored by Troop 54 & 985)

For more information visit: https://piopicobsa.org/event/pio-pico-scouts-bsa-position-specific-training/


Council Training Dates:

September 5th- HAT MEETING at Cushman- Watt Scout Center

September 16th-17th - Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills at Trask

October 20th-22nd - HAT - BSA Climbing Level 1 Fall 2023 (HESR)

October 28th –29th - BALOO training at Trask



WOOD BADGE- Registration is already closed but it will be back next year!

Wood Badge Registration and Info

Saturday, July 1, 2023

July District Newsletter


"Dog days" are considered to begin in early July in the Northern Hemisphere, when the hot sultry weather of summer usually starts. Spring lambs born in late winter or early spring are usually sold before 1 July.

Welcome to Summertime Pio Pico District!

We are now in the dog days of summer folks. The sun is out and we are already half way through another year. But before we jump into the end of 2023, let’s enjoy these warm summer vibes. I hope you have been out and active so far. There is a plethora of activities to enjoy for all ages. Ranging from bike riding to hiking. Or hitting the sandy beaches to catch some waves or fishing. Maybe escape the heat and visit a museum or movie. Or finishing up a home project. Whatever it is, now is the perfect time to get out and have some fun. 

If you are looking for something new for your Scouts to, here is a list of some ideas:

If you’re scouts are out doing activities, send me your stories and pictures. I will share them in the newsletter.

BSA Recharter 2023

It’s almost that time of year to “recharter” your units. We all hear about it but what exactly is recharter? What happens during recharter? According to sources, the Charter is a formal agreement allowing that organization to use the Scouting program to serve the youth within its community.
The Boys Scouts of America requires that the charter be renewed annually to continue using the program. Hence dubbed the name for the annual renewal “recharter”.
So, what happens during recharter? Well, in short you are telling the BSA who is still active in scouting for the next year (existing youth, adults and new members) and it is also letting the BSA know who is no longer severing as an active scout (youth and adults who are no longer active in the program).

Is there anything a unit leader should know to have a smooth and successful process? Yes. There is a lot to know, and our district chair leaders are having RECHARTER TRAINING at the next Roundtable on July 19th. 

So be sure to come on down and join us as this training will be provided for units that have new volunteers that need to be trained or for anyone who would like a refresher in preparation for the August District Recharter. 

The Pio Pico District Roundtable meets at the 
First Methodist Church from 7-9pm
13222 Bailey Street 
Whittier, CA 90601

Pio Pico Roundtable Picnic

Last week our district held its annual Roundtable Picnic. If you have not been to one of the district picnics, you are missing out. This event is always sure of a good time. A special thank you to the cooking team, Tom Garcia, Mary Gaither, Drew Belandis and all that help them cook; as always, you are the best. I'm sure we all had a great time of fellowship, laughter, and a little bit of business, I'm sure. But the best thing, as you can see, is the food.

See you all again next year!


Round table falls on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Roundtable is now meeting in person, and we want to see you there! Tables will be set up with fliers and information to share. Remember, Roundtable is for everyone!

For the month of July, we will have a RECHARTER TRAINING ONLY

Come join us in person!

We meet at 7pm at 

First Methodist Church 

13222 Bailey St. Whittier, CA 90601.

We hope to see you there!

Recruitment Materials

If you want any of the items below, please email Virginia or Cameron Summers.

There are wristbands, flashlights, stickers, Boys Life minis, and recruitment envelopes. 
Please Contact Virginia Wetzel for more details: varcourt@twc.com 

Or reach out to Cameron Summers: Cameron.Summers@scouting.org 

Upcoming Events in Pio Pico


October 6-8th- Fall Camporee

H.A.T Training

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Welcome to May Pio Pico!

       I hope everyone has been enjoying the warmer weather. It’s about that time when the school calendar ends, we have finals and graduation ceremonies for new academic accomplishments, and that means Summer is just round the corner. It is time to start preparing for summer break. There is always a lot to do during summertime. Either by heading out to the sandy beaches and exploring the tide pools with your cub scouts, exploring the mountains in a high adventure get away, or you are packing up your backpack for a campout in the back country, or better yet, at camp! Camping is a great way to explore the wonders of the great outdoors. However, it can be a little tricky and sometimes confusing for inexperienced beginners. Like what size tent do you need, what type of kitchen equipment is needed, how to create a menu, and where to camp? It is no wonder why it can be a little intimidating for a newbie. But do not fret, we are scouts, and we are prepared! There is an ample number of experienced leaders to help new parents enjoy their first time at camp and more so, there are new scouts who are camping without mom and dad this summer for the first time. So, start creating your check list and check it twice - it is time to start organizing your adventures!

Where to Camp

 Camping is a great way to get outdoors. From camping with your family, your friends, or if you are a solo camper. There is nothing like taking time away from the hustle and bustle. From mountain camping to beach camping. Some camp in cabins, others in a tent, and there are the RV’s and car camping. It doesn’t matter how you camp, there is a campsite for everyone. Most public lands are open to campers and typical fees range from $4.00 to $10.00 dollars per night, according to the Bureau of Land Management.

But where do Scouts go to camp? Camping has been the heart of Scouting for generations and there are hundreds of campgrounds across the nation that range with all kinds of activities that include everything from day and weekend camps, unit, and family campouts, to long-term camps and high adventure trips. Our Golden State has fifty-seven active camps sites! Here close to home in the Greater Los Angeles Area Council we have five great camp sites that are loaded with amazing fun filled camp adventures. Where will you be heading out this summer for camp?

Green and Gold Celebration Troop 72

Troop 72 just celebrated their 50th anniversary Green and Gold celebration on April 23rd.  Thank you, Mr. Chon Cervantes for the encouraging message as well as receiving the Charter certificate from Scouts BSA National.  Also in attendance were our district leaders Joe Soria and Kiran Ingale (their Chartered Representative).  Other distinguished attendees include Larry Good (Scoutmaster when Brian Best became an Eagle Scout in Troop 72), Angelo Wang and Izzy Villa.


Congratulations on celebrating 50 years of scouting as a unit. Here’s too many more scouting adventures to come!

Ad Altare Dei Catholic Award                  

 Five Scouts from Troop 375 Montebello earned the Ad Altare Dei Catholic Award. 

I would like to congradulate and recongize the following Scouts who worked hard at earning this achievement: Adam Lopez, Benjamin Garnica Gonzalez, Daniel Alveno, Sebastian Bembi, and Emiliano Llamas.    

 I recently learned that the "Ad Altare Dei" (AAD) is a program developed by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) for Boy Scouts of the Catholic faith. Its purpose is to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person by encouraging him to actively live out his Catholic Christian faith. This gives the boy the opportunity to develop his spiritual side according to the beliefs of his own religion, to be "morally straight". The AAD program is designed to be used with adolescent boys 13 and 14 years old. Other older Scouts may work with the program. Before beginning this program, you must be Catholic and a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, active in your troop for 6 months, and have completed the sixth grade. You must complete the program before their 18th birthday to receive the recognition. The program itself consists of eight sections. These parallel the seven Sacraments. The Scout is encouraged to work with other Scouts on this program, under the guidance of a certified Religious Emblems Counselor. The AAD program consists of discussions, activities and projects which help you learn your religion better. These are best done with a group of other Scouts. The length of time for completion of the program is about 6 months.

 Upon completion, the Scout is presented with the Ad Altare Dei emblem. This is a bronze cross suspended under a bar and ribbon of the Papal colors. The BSA has authorized the wearing of this emblem on the Scout uniform.

The appropriate Scout knot can be worn on the uniform to indicate the emblem was earned.


The Boy Scouts of America Honoring Veterans

 Every year, thousands of Scouts across the nation are up right before sunrise to dress in their Class A uniforms to volunteer their service in reverence to our fallen soldiers for Memorial Day. These Scouts, both boys and girls, even our youngest Cub Scouts are up at 5:30 AM. They don’t have to wake up and venture out to the National Cemetery, but they do, and they are honored to be there to be a part of this remembrance moment.  They show their pride for our service men and women who bravely fought for our safety and for our country. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing organization that is instilling our youth with moral virtues and with such ethical values.

The scouts gathered in the thousands to place American flags throughout the Los Angeles National Cemetery, to honor those who served and sacrificed their lives for our country. This has been a tradition of Los Angeles National Cemetery but because of the past three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was put on hold. I have to say it was a sight to see so many Scouts out and volunteering to place ninety- thousand flags on Saturday May 27th, 2023.


Ian McLain from Troop 330 was able to speak with CBS news anchor, Tina Patel, about why he participates in the Memorial Day flag ceremony and what it means to honor our veterans to him. Ian is on a mission to raise awareness about the Vietnam war through his Eagle Project, “Remembering Our Heroes”. (A copy of his Eagle Project flier has been attached to the Newsletter email)

If you would like to hear his interview, please visit CBS website by clicking on the direct link:  A talk with L.A. National Cemetery flag placement ceremony volunteer


If you would like to give a shout out for a newly trained leader, please send me their name and training completed and I will add it here!



Stay informed at the District Roundtable!

Round table falls on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Roundtable is now meeting in person, and we want to see you there!

Thank you to all the Scouters that came to our May IN PERSON Roundtable meeting to welcome Bob Kirkjian to our District. What a warm reception Pio Pico gave him. We had over 50 Scouters in attendance.  It was amazing to see so many new faces participating in the break-out sessions.  There was a lot of networking and learning going on. If you have any ideas for break-outs let us know!  Thank you to all our break-out leads for your time and energy. Don't forget to look at what we have planned for our summer Roundtable meetings and break-out sessions. 

We hope to see you at the June Roundtable Picnic on June 14th!

We Will Meet at Palm Park at Picnic tables 6-9 PM


Camp Card Campaign is here!

The camp Card sale is designed to help Scouts earn funds to help offset the cost of their Scouting experience. Participating units in this program will earn 50% commission ($5.00) for each $10.00 Camp Card they sell. The sale begins March 1st and ends June 30th. 
You can sign up and pre-order camp cards by going to GLAAC website and under Support Scouting, click on Unit Fundraising Opportunities (links below) for more details or contact the District Camp Card Chair.

Camp Card Pre-Order Form

Camp Card Guide Book

Staff at Summer Camp!

Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch is looking for Youth and Young Adults to help staff for their 2023 Summer Adventures. This opportunity will not only provide having endless amounts of fun while earning a paycheck, but it will also enrich valuable skills! Please see flyer for more info!

If you would like to apply, please click the link below:

Recruitment Materials

If you want any of the items below, please email Virginia or Cameron Summers.
There are wristbands, flashlights, stickers, Boys Life minis, and recruitment envelopes. 
Please Contact Virginia Wetzel for more details: varcourt@twc.com    

Upcoming Events in Pio Pico

                  SAVE THE DATES:

            June 14th- Pio Pico District Picnic

            June 19-23rd- Cub Scout Day Camp

            October 6-8th- Camporee

Save the dates:

06/ 03&4/ 2023- LNT – Camp Trask

06/06/2023- HAT Meeting – Cushman

Council Training Dates:

WOOD BADGE- Registration is already closed but it will be back next year!